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Logistics Manager

Verwood - Dorset

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Logistics Manager

Department Mission Statement

To continuously develop efficiencies in the supply chain process to meet and surpass our customers objectives

About Avec

AVEC is a dynamic business, founded by talent, ambition and relationships.  We have honed our strengths by understanding what we do welland how we work best together.  Our growth is underpinned by teamwork, a positive and proactive attitude, and a shared culture of supportive excellence.The core values of AVEC are those of partnership and relationship building, with a focus on quality and tailored product development. By getting every step right, we develop everything to high specification.

Applicant profile

A highly organised and motivated person with proven track record of implementation positive changes in the logistics or supply chain management of a business. Within this varied role, the main priorities are: Freight management, Quality Control of Products and Management of the Production Facility Data. At all times, exuding professionalism and engaging positively with the culture of innovation, teamwork and continuous professional development.

Roles and Responsibilities for: Logistics Manager

Freight Logistics

  • Driving freight strategy of the business, ensuring the quality and price of the service received are all driving the business forward
  • Consolidation and cost reduction management of all customer orders from port
  • Monitoring freight costs, and looking at tender/shipping alternatives regularly
  • Customers logistics relationships & management
  • Coordinating DC bookings, and related paperwork as per customer manuals and specifications
  • Coordinating FOB handovers, and related paperwork as per customer manuals and specifications
  • Signing off invoices for freight – and passing to Finance promptly
  • Working alongside the Finance department to ensure the duty deferment account is managed
  • Consolidation of goods into fewer shipments

Quality Control Booking (to allow Shipment of Goods)

  • Booking QC checks at production facilities
  • Authorising to ship – based on report approval by Sr. CQA Manager
  • Coordinating QC requirements for all PMS

Production Facility Information Management

  • Production Facility & Trading Company database organisation and management
  • Regular PF data requests and updating our systems
  • Managing ethical audit end dates and ensuring audits are scheduled and kept in date


  • To adhere to all policies and processes unless permitted by the Senior Manager for Compliance and Quality Assurance, Head of Department or Chief Executive Officer

Customer Management

  • To research and understand each key customer’s logistic requirements (understand and implement their Supplier Manual)
  • To ensure that as a business we are compliant with our customer’s order requirements
  • To ensure that all administration is compliant with our legal processes and that our terms and conditions are always the overriding trading documentation with our customers and suppliers
  • To prepare, where required, information for customer visits and to directly liaise with the customer on logistics and other requirements

Quality Control

  • Liaise with the Senior Manager for Compliance and Quality Assurance to understand the product requirements from an ethical and QC perspective
  • Do not allow products to be shipped without prior QC inspection and approval in the designated, originating country
  • To ensure samples are tested and compliant (as per customer and internal QC requirementss

Purchasing and Shipping

  • To manage the movement of goods from production facilities to the UK, through customs to their elected Distribution Centre/delivery addresses ensuring all of the relevant documentation is completed and bookings made
  • To manage on-time delivery of stock to the customer (as per their requirements)
  • To work closely with our freight partner to ensure we optimise the movement of goods

Performance Reporting

  • Promptly Identify Red Flags to the Project Team Manager within the escalation timescales
  • Assist the Project Team Manager, Senior Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager and Head of Department in department self-assessments and quality assurance processes

Ethical Practice

  • Highlight to the Senior Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager, if you have any suspicion of any unethical practices. Avec UK prides itself on maintaining the highest ethical standards

Other Responsibilities

  • Line Management of Development of Logistics Coordinator
  • To carry out special projects from time to time as requested by the Head of Department or Senior Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager
  • Zero tolerance of air freight and fines as a result of mismanagement
  • No cancellation of orders through mismanagement (communication, quality issues and lateness)

Key skills and competencies

  • Excellent teamwork, organisation and communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and an eye for detail
  • Proven track record of making successful logistical decisions
  • Familiarity with data entry and analysis
  • The ability to listen to customers and negotiate winning solutions
  • Demonstration of Avec values as laid out in company missions statement


  • Working for a flexible and approachable, equal opportunities employee
  • Working in positive and friendly organisational culture
  • Personal and professional training and development